Secure Crowdsourced Indoor Positioning Systems

Tao Li Arizona State University, USA
Yimin Chen Arizona State University, USA
Rui Zhang University of Delaware, USA
Yanchao Zhang Arizona State University, USA
Terri Hedgpeth Arizona State University, USA


Indoor positioning systems (IPSes) can enable many location-based services in large indoor environments where GPS is not available or reliable. Mobile crowdsourcing is widely advocated as an effective way to construct IPS maps. This paper presents the first systematic study of security issues in crowd-sourced WiFi-based IPSes to promote security considerations in designing and deploying crowdsourced IPSes. We identify three attacks on crowdsourced WiFi-based IPSes and propose the corresponding countermeasures. The efficacy of the attacks and also our countermeasures are experimentally validated on a prototype system. The attacks and countermeasures can be easily extended to other crowdsourced IPSes.

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