Continuous Time Opinion Dynamics Of Agents With Multi-leveled Opinions And Binary Actions

Vineeth S Varma CRAN & CNRS, France
Yezekael Hayel LIA, University of Avignon, France
Irinielconstantin Morarescu CRAN, Université de Lorraine, France


This paper proposes and analyzes a stochastic multi-agent opinion dynamics model. We are interested in a multi-leveled opinion of each agent which is randomly influenced by the binary actions of its neighbors. It is shown that, as far as the number of agents in the network is finite, the model asymptotically produces consensus. The consensus value corresponds to one of the absorbing states of the associated Markov system. However, when the number of agents is large, we emphasize that partial agreements are reached and these transient states are metastable, i.e., the expected persistence duration is arbitrarily large. These states are characterized using an N-intertwined mean field approximation (NIMFA) for the Markov system. Numerical simulations validate the proposed analysis.

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