Network Measurement In Multihop Wireless Networks With Lossy And Correlated Links

Chenhong Cao Zhejiang University, P.R. China
Wei Gong Simon Fraser University, Canada
Wei Dong Zhejiang University, P.R. China
Jihong Yu Simon Fraser University, Canada
Chun Chen Zhejiang University, P.R. China
Jiangchuan Liu Simon Fraser University, Canada


Multihop wireless networking is a key enabling technology for interconnecting a vast number of IoT devices. Measurement is fundamental to various network operations including management, diagnostics, and optimization. Out-of-band measurement approaches use external sniffers to monitor the network traffic passively, and they provide detailed information about the network. However, existing approaches do not carefully consider lossy and correlated links which are common in low-power wireless networks, resulting in unsatisfactory packet capture ratio and low measurement quality. In this paper, we present NetVision, a practical out-of-band measurement system with special consideration for sniffer deployment. By explicitly considering link quality and link correlation, we are able to achieve a high measurement quality while minimizing the deployment cost. We formulate the sniffer deployment problem as an optimization problem and propose efficient algorithms for solving this problem. We further design a set of instructions and APIs to simplify a variety of common measurement tasks. We implement NetVision on the TinyOS/TelosB platform and evaluate its performance extensively both in simulation and an indoor testbed with 80 TelosB nodes. Results show that NetVision is accurate, generic, and robust. Three typical case studies demonstrate that NetVision can facilitate various measurement and debugging tasks.

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