DeepDecision: A Mobile Deep Learning Framework For Edge Video Analytics

Xukan Ran University of California, Riverside, USA
Haoliang Chen University of California, Riverside, USA
Xiaodan Zhu College of William and Mary, USA
Zhenming Liu College of William and Mary, USA
Jiasi Chen University of California, Riverside, USA


Deep learning shows great promise in providing more intelligence to augmented reality (AR) devices, but few AR apps use deep learning due to lack of infrastructure support. Deep learning algorithms are computationally intensive, and front-end devices cannot deliver sufficient compute power for real-time processing. In this work, we design a framework that ties together front-end devices with more powerful backend "helpers" (e.g., home servers) to allow deep learning to be executed locally or remotely in the cloud/edge. We consider the complex interaction between model accuracy, video quality, battery constraints, network data usage, and network conditions to determine an optimal offloading strategy. Our contributions are: (1) extensive measurements to understand the tradeoffs between video quality, network conditions, battery consumption, processing delay, and model accuracy; (2) a measurement-driven mathematical framework that efficiently solves the resulting combinatorial optimization problem; (3) an Android application that performs real-time object detection for AR applications, with experimental results that demonstrate the superiority of our approach.

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