An Online Approach To D2D Trajectory Utility Maximization Problem

Amrit Singh Bedi IIT Kanpur, India
Ketan Rajawat Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur, India
Marceau Coupechoux Telecom ParisTech, France


This paper considers the problem of designing the user trajectory in a device-to-device communications setting. We consider a pair of pedestrians connected through a D2D link. The pedestrians seek to reach their respective destinations, while using the D2D link for data exchange applications such as file transfer, video calling, and online gaming. In order to enable better D2D connectivity, the pedestrians are willing to deviate from their respective shortest paths, at the cost of reaching their destinations slightly late. A generic trajectory optimization problem is formulated and solved for the case when full information about the problem in known in advance. Motivated by the D2D user's need to keep their destinations private, we also formulate a regularized variant of the problem that can be used to develop a fully online algorithm. The proposed online algorithm is quite efficient, and is shown to achieve a sublinear offline regret while satisfying the required mobility constraints exactly. The theoretical results are backed by detailed numerical tests that establish the efficacy of the proposed algorithms under various settings.

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