Aegis: An Interference-Negligible RF Sensing Shield

Yao Yao University of Maryland Baltimore County, USA
Yan Li UMBC and JHU, USA
Xin Liu University of Maryland, USA
Zicheng Chi University of Maryland, Baltimore County, USA
Wei Wang University of Maryland, USA
Tiantian Xie University of Maryland, Baltimore County, USA
Ting Zhu University of Maryland, Baltimore County, USA


Researchers have demonstrated the feasibility of detecting human motion behind the wall with radio frequency (RF) sensing techniques. With these techniques, an eavesdropper can monitor people's behavior from outside of the room without the need to access the room. This introduces a severe privacy-leakage issue. To address this issue, we propose Aegis, an interference-negligible RF sensing shield that i) incapacitates the RF sensing of eavesdroppers that work at any unknown locations outside of the protected area; ii) has minimum interference to the ongoing WiFi communication; and iii) preserves authorized RF sensing inside the private region. Our extensive evaluation shows that when Aegis is activated, it i) has a negligible impact on the legitimate sensing system; ii) effectively prevents the illegitimate sensing system from sensing human motions. Moreover, the ongoing data communication throughput is even increased.

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