Heracles: Scalable, Fine-Grained Access Control For Internet-of-Things In Enterprise Environments

Qian Zhou Stony Brook University, USA
Mohammed Elbadry Stony Brook University, USA
Fan Ye Stony Brook University, USA
Yuanyuan Yang Stony Brook University, USA


Scalable, fine-grained access control for Internet-of-Things is needed in enterprise environments, where thousands of subjects need to access possibly one to two orders of magnitude more objects. Existing solutions offer all-or-nothing access, or require all access to go through a cloud backend, greatly impeding access granularity, robustness and scale. In this paper, we propose Heracles, an IoT access control system that achieves robust, fine-grained access control at enterprise scale. Heracles adopts a capability-based approach using secure, unforgeable tokens that describe the authorizations of subjects, to either individual or collections of objects in single or bulk operations. It has a 3-tier architecture to provide centralized policy and distributed execution desired in enterprise environments, and delegated operations for responsiveness of resource-constrained objects. Extensive security analysis and performance evaluation on a testbed prove that Heracles achieves robust, responsive, fine-grained access control in large scale enterprise environments.

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