Competitive Online Convex Optimization With Switching Costs And Ramp Constraints

Ming Shi Purdue University, USA
Xiaojun Lin Purdue University, USA
Sonia Fahmy Purdue University, USA
Donghoon Shin AT&T Labs, USA


We investigate competitive online algorithms for online convex optimization (OCO) problems with linear in-stage costs, switching costs and ramp constraints. While OCO problems have been extensively studied in the literature, there are limited results on the corresponding online solutions that can attain small competitive ratios. We first develop a powerful computational framework that can compute an optimized competitive ratio based on the class of affine policies. Our computational framework can handle a fairly general class of costs and constraints. Compared to other competitive results in the literature, a key feature of our proposed approach is that it can handle scenarios where infeasibility may arise due to hard feasibility constraints. Second, we design a robustification procedure to produce an online algorithm that can attain good performance for both average-case and worst-case inputs. We conduct a case study on Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) orchestration and scaling to demonstrate the effectiveness of our proposed methods.

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