Optimal Control Of Distributed Computing Networks With Mixed-Cast Traffic Flows

Jianan Zhang Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA
Abhishek Sinha Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA
Jaime Llorca Nokia Bell Labs, USA
Antonia Tulino Bell Labs, USA & Università Federico II, Italy
Eytan Modiano MIT, USA


Distributed computing networks, tasked with both packet transmission and processing, require the joint optimization of communication and computation resources. We develop a dynamic control policy that determines both routes and processing locations for packets upon their arrival at a distributed computing network. The proposed policy, referred to as Universal Computing Network Control (UCNC), guarantees that packets i) are processed by a specified chain of service functions, ii) follow cycle-free routes between consecutive functions, and iii) are delivered to their corresponding set of destinations via proper packet duplications. UCNC is shown to be throughput-optimal for any mix of unicast and multicast traffic, and is the first throughput-optimal policy for non-unicast traffic in distributed computing networks with both communication and computation constraints. Moreover, simulation results suggest that UCNC yields substantially lower average packet delay compared with existing control policies for unicast traffic.

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