Load Balancing Across Microservices

Yipei Niu Huazhong University of Science & Technology, P.R. China
Fangming Liu Huazhong University of Science and Technology, P.R. China
Zongpeng Li University of Calgary, Canada


With the advent of cloud container technology, enterprises develop applications through microservices, breaking monolithic software into a suite of small services whose instances run independently in containers. User requests are served by a series of microservices forming a chain, and the chains often share microservices. Existing load balancing strategies either incur significant networking overhead or ignore the competition for shared microservices across chains. Furthermore, typical load balancing solutions leverage a hybrid technique by combining HTTP with message queue to support microservice communications , bringing additional operational complexity. To address these challenges, we propose a chain-oriented load balancing algorithm (COLBA) based solely on message queues, which balances load based on microservice requirements of chains to minimize response time. We model the load balancing problem as a non-cooperative game, and leverage Nash bargaining to coordinate microservice allocation across chains. Employing convex optimization with rounding, we efficiently solve the problem that is proven NP-hard. Extensive trace-driven simulations demonstrate that COLBA reduces the overall average response time at least by 13% compared with existing load balancing strategies.

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