Non-Interactive Privacy-Preserving Truth Discovery In Crowd Sensing Applications

Xiaoting Tang City University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong
Cong Wang City University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong
Xingliang Yuan Monash University, Australia
Qian Wang Wuhan University, P.R. China


In crowd sensing, truth discovery (TD) refers to finding reliable information from noisy/biased data collected from different providers. To protect providers' data while enabling truth distillation, privacy-preserving truth discovery (PPTD) has received wide attention recently. However, all existing approaches require iterative interaction between server(s) and individual providers, which inevitably demand all providers to be always on-line. Otherwise, the protocol would fail or expose extra provider information. In this paper, we design and implement the first non-interactive PPTD system that completely removes the online requirement with strong privacy guarantees. Our framework follows the same two-server model from the best-known prior solution, and leverages Yao's Garbled Circuit (GC). Yet, we devise non-trivial speedup techniques for TD-optimized implementation. Firstly, we identify reusable computations in TD to accelerate the circuit generation. Secondly, we securely evaluate the burdensome non-linear functions in TD via customized approximation with accuracy and improved efficiency. Thirdly, we reduce the online execution time by bridging together latest advancements of component-based GC and various computations needed in TD. Unlike prior arts, our framework does not reveal any intermediate results, and further supports "late-join" providers without protocol suspension/restart. The practical performance of our proof-of-concept implementation is verified through extensive evaluations.

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