CCOMPASSION: A Hybrid Cloudlet Placement Framework Over Passive Optical Access Network

Sourav Mondal The University of Melbourne, Australia
Goutam Das IIT Kharagpur, India
Elaine Wong The University of Melbourne, Australia


Cloud-based computing technology is one of the most significant technical advents of the last decade and extension of this facility towards access networks by aggregation of cloudlets is a step further. To fulfill the ravenous demand for computational resources entangled with the stringent latency requirements of computationally-heavy applications related to augmented reality, cognitive assistance and context-aware computation , installation of cloudlets near the access segment is a very promising solution because of its support for wide geographical network distribution, low latency, mobility and heterogeneity. In this paper, we propose a novel framework, Cloudlet Cost OptiMization over PASSIve Optical Network (CCOMPASSION), and formulate a nonlinear mixed-integer program to identify optimal cloudlet placement locations such that installation cost is minimized whilst meeting the capacity and latency constraints. Considering urban, suburban and rural scenarios as commonly-used network deployment models, we investigate the feasibility of the proposed model over them and provide guidance on the overall cloudlet facility installation over optical access network. We also study the percentage of incremental energy budget in the presence of cloudlets of the existing network. The final results from our proposed model can be considered as fundamental cornerstones for network planning with hybrid cloudlet network architectures.

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