Joint Selection And Scheduling Of Communication Requests In Multi-Channel Wireless Networks Under SINR Model

Pengjun Wan Illinois Institute of Technology, USA
Huaqiang Yuan Dongguan University of Technology, P.R. China
Jiliang Wang Tsinghua University, P.R. China
Ju Ren Central South University, P.R. China
Yaoxue Zhang Central South University, P.R. China


Consider a set of communication requests in a multi-channel wireless network, each of which is associated with a traffic demand of at most one unit of transmission time, and a weight representing the utility if its demand is fully met. A subset of them is said to be feasible if they can be scheduled within one unit of time. The problem Maximum-Weighted Feasible Set (MWFS) seeks a feasible subset with maximum total weight together with a transmission schedule of them whose length is at most one unit of time. This paper develops an efficient O log 2 α-approximation algorithms for the problem MWFS under the physical interference model (aka, SINR model) with a fixed monotone and sub-linear power assignment, where α is the maximum number of requests which can transmit successfully at the same time over the same channel.

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