Dynamic Task Assignment In Crowdsensing With Location Awareness And Location Diversity

Xiong Wang Shanghai Jiao Tong University, P.R. China
Riheng Jia Shanghai Jiaotong University, P.R. China
Xiaohua Tian Shanghai Jiao Tong University, P.R. China
Xiaoying Gan Shanghai Jiao Tong University, P.R. China


Crowdsensing paradigm facilitates a wide range of data collection, where great efforts have been made to address its fundamental issue of matching workers to their assigned tasks. In this paper, we reexamine this issue by considering the spatio-temporal worker mobility and task arrivals, which more fits the actual situation. Specifically, we study the location-aware and location diversity based dynamic crowdsensing system, where workers move over time and tasks arrive stochastically. We first exploit offline crowdsensing by proposing a combinatorial algorithm, for efficiently distributing tasks to workers. After that, we mainly study the online crowdsensing, and further consider an indispensable aspect of worker's fair allocation. Apart from the stochastic characteristics and discontinuous coverage, the non-linear expectation is incurred as a new challenge concerning fairness issue. Based on Lyapunov optimization with perturbation parameters, we propose online control policy to overcome those challenges. Hereby we can maintain system stability and achieve a time average sensing utility arbitrarily close to the optimum. Performance evaluation on real data set validates the proposed algorithm, where 116% gain of fairness is achieved at the expense of 12% loss of sensing value on average.

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