PAFD: Phased Array Full-Duplex

Ehsan Aryafar Portland State University, USA
Alireza Keshavarzhaddad Shiraz University, Iran


We present the design and implementation of PAFD, a design methodology that enables full-duplex (FD) in hybrid beamforming systems with constant amplitude phased array antennas. The key novelty in PAFD's design is construction of analog beamformers that maximize the beamforming gains in the desired directions while simultaneously reducing the self-interference (SI). PAFD is implemented on the WARP platform, and its performance is extensively evaluated in both indoor and outdoor environments. Our experimental results reveal that (i) PAFD sacrifices a few dB in beamfomring gain to provide large amounts of reduction in SI power; (ii) the reduction in SI is dependent on the number of phased array antennas and increases as the number of antennas increases; and (iii) finally, PAFD significantly outperforms half-duplex (HD) for small cells even in presence of high interference caused by uplink clients to the downlink clients. The gains increase with a larger array size or less multipath in the propagation environment.

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