Barista: An Event-centric NOS Composition Framework For Software-Defined Networks

Jaehyun Nam KAIST, Korea
Hyeonseong Jo KAIST, Korea
Yeonkeun Kim Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST), Korea
Phillip A Porras SRI International, USA
Vinod Yegneswaran SRI International, USA
Seungwon Shin KAIST, Korea


As the network operating system (NOS) is the strategic control center of a software-defined network (SDN), its design is critical to the welfare of the network. Contemporary research has largely focused on specialized NOSs that seek to optimize controller design across one or a few dimensions (e.g., scalability, performance, or security) due to fundamental differences in architectural trade-offs needed to support competing demands. We thus designed Barista, as a new framework that enables flexible and customizable instantiations of network operating systems (NOSs) supporting diverse design choices. The Barista framework incorporates two mechanisms to harmonize architectural differences across design choices: component synthesis and dynamic event control. First, the modular design of the Barista framework enables flexible composition of functionalities prevalent in contemporary SDN controllers. Second, its event-handling mechanism enables dynamic adjustment of control flows in a NOS. These capabilities allow operators to easily enable functionalities and dynamically handle associated events, thereby satisfying network operating requirements. Our results demonstrate that Barista can synthesize NOSs with many functionalities found in commodity NOSs with competitive performance profiles.

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