SPARC: Self-Paced Network Representation For Few-Shot Rare Category Characterization

Dawei Zhou Arizona State University
Jingrui He Arizona State University
Hongxia Yang Alibaba Group
Wei Fan Tencent Medical AI Lab


This paper studies rare category characterization .


In the era of big data, it is often the rare categories that are of great interest in many high-impact applications, ranging from financial fraud detection in online transaction networks to emerging trend detection in social networks, from network intrusion detection in computer networks to fault detection in manufacturing. As a result, rare category characterization becomes a fundamental learning task, which aims to accurately characterize the rare categories given limited label information. The unique challenge of rare category characterization, i.e., the non-separability nature of the rare categories from the majority classes, together with the availability of the multi-modal representation of the examples, poses a new research question: how can we learn a salient rare category oriented embedding representation such that the rare examples are well separated from the majority class examples in the embedding space, which facilitates the follow-up rare category characterization?

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