Emergency Situation Safety Evaluation of Marine Ship Collision Accident Based on Extension Cloud Model

After collisions at sea, situation evaluation and analysis are very important to follow-up rescue operations. At present, there are few ways give weights in the current situational safety evaluation methods after collisions of marine ships. Most safety evaluation models ignore the blurred boundaries of evaluation grades. To solve these issues, this paper identifies the safety evaluation indicator system and evaluation standards, and establishes an after-collisions safety evaluation model of maritime ships based on the extension cloud theory. This model combines the extension cloud model, the analytic hierarchy process, the entropy weight method, and game theory. Using this model, the situation safety of two collisions was evaluated. The evaluation results reflect the effectiveness of the model. In order to ensure the safety of the lives and property of marine personnel, suggestions have been made to strengthen crew training, improve ship’s self-rescue ability at sea, and establish a complete marine emergency response rescue system.
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