Real-Time Processing of Spaceborne SAR Data With Nonlinear Trajectory Based on Variable PRF

Spaceborne synthetic aperture radar (SAR) real-time imaging is especially important for disaster emergencies and real-time monitoring applications with highly desired real-time requirements. Therefore, the continuous improvement of real-time imaging efficiency is an important development trend. At present, traditional real-time imaging algorithms based on constant pulse repetition frequency (PRF) have low accuracy when processing spaceborne SAR data with nonlinear trajectory. For this problem, the existing methods usually introduce some complex signal processing steps, such as scaling or interpolation processing, to improve the accuracy of the real-time imaging, but this will reduce its efficiency. Therefore, this article proposes a new real-time imaging algorithm based on variable PRF for nonlinear trajectory spaceborne SAR. By introducing the variable PRF, the proposed algorithm is equivalent to complete the complex signal processing steps in the radar signal transmission stage, which can greatly improve the efficiency of real-time imaging. Simulation experiments verify the effectiveness of the algorithm.
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