Spectral mapping with adversarial learning for unsupervised hyperspectral change detection

Abstract Unlike the existing change detection approaches based on the multispectral (MS) image and synthetic aperture radar (SAR) image datasets, a novel unsupervised hyperspectral change detection (UHCD) framework is proposed in this paper. The UHCD framework is designed for hyperspectral images with high dimensions and low availability. This framework consists of two modules: the spectral mapping with adversarial learning and the discriminant analysis with spatial attribute optimization. In comparison with other advanced change detection methods, the proposed framework possesses three distinctive properties: (1) The unsupervised spectral mapping is leveraged to exploit underlying spectral features without the requirement of pseudo-training datasets in the change detection task; (2) We introduce spectral constraint loss into reconstruction space and adversarial loss into latent space to enhance the quality of the features extracted by the spectral mapping network; (3) Spatial attribute optimization uses the spatial correlation to further improve the performance of the proposed UHCD method. The experimental results on two real datasets show that the proposed UHCD achieves competitive performance.
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