Convolutional Knowledge Tracing: Modeling Individualization in Student Learning Process

With the development of online education systems, a growing number of research works are focusing on Knowledge Tracing (KT), which aims to assess students' changing knowledge state and help them learn knowledge concepts more efficiently. However, only given student learning interactions, most of existing KT methods neglect the individualization of students, i.e., the prior knowledge and learning rates differ from student to student. To this end, in this paper, we propose a novel Convolutional Knowledge Tracing (CKT) method to model individualization in KT. Specifically, for individualized prior knowledge, we measure it from students' historical learning interactions. For individualized learning rates, we design hierarchical convolutional layers to extract them based on continuous learning interactions of students. Extensive experiments demonstrate that CKT could obtain better knowledge tracing results through modeling individualization in learning process. Moreover, CKT can learn meaningful exercise embeddings automatically.
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