Research of Spring Accumulators with Output Rotary Link Used in Technological Equipment to Reduce Energy Consumption

Mechatronic spring drives with energy recovery for step movements based on pneumatic cylinders with return springs are investigated. Mechatronic spring drives are used in conveyor lines and rotary tables of filling and packaging equipment of the food and pharmaceutical industries. Mathematical models of the spring accumulator with pre-tensioning of the spring are built. A mechatronic spring drive has been developed for rotary tables of a filling and packaging machine, using two pneumatic cylinders. One of the pneumatic cylinders with a return spring. The second pneumatic cylinder provides the output of the rotary link from the position of unstable equilibrium in which the system is located during technological dwell. Dependences are given for determining dissipative losses in the elements of a spring accumulator, the total values of which determine the energy consumption of the engine to compensate for dissipative losses. The energy costs in the considered drives are several times less than the energy costs in other types of drives. The scheme of a mechatronic spring drive for rotary tables of filling and packaging equipment using two pneumatic cylinders with return springs has been developed.
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