NuSTAR reveals the hidden nature of SS433

SS433 is the only Galactic binary system known to accrete at highly super-critical rates, analogous to tidal disruption events and some high redshift quasars. Probing the inner regions of SS433 in the X-rays is crucial to understanding the system yet has not been possible due to obscuration. NuSTAR observed SS433 in the hard X-ray band across multiple phases of its super-orbital precession period. Spectral-timing tools have allowed us to determine that the hard X-ray emission from the inner regions is scattered towards us by the walls of the wind-cone. By comparing to numerical models, we determine an intrinsic X-ray luminosity of ≥ 1×10^(38) erg/s and a face-on luminosity of > 1×10^(39) erg/s. A lag due to absorption by Fe XXV/XXVI in outflowing material travelling at least 0.14-0.29c strengthens the association with ultraluminous X-ray sources and - in future - will allow us to map a super-critical outflow for the first time.
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