ID-Based Hybrid Network Architecture for the AIoT

Recently, the frequent occurrence of security issues in the Internet of Things (IoT) systems has become serious concerns. In this article, we propose an identifier-based IoT security architecture IIAS that is well suited for resource-constrained IoT nodes. The architecture involves five layers: the sensing layer, the network layer, the storage layer, the computing layer, the service layer. Firstly, at the sensing layer, we propose automatic IoT device discovery and identification. Secondly, at the network layer, we propose an interconnection and interoperability security system. Thirdly, at the storage layer and computing layer, we provide secure data storage and access. Finally, at the data service layer, we propose secure smart service and cross domain service. Our proposed IoT security architecture with excellent compatibility and scalability is green and aware of the heterogeneous resource constraints of the devices, smart and able to adapt to diverse IoT application demands, as well as open and able to support a wide range of applications.
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