COVID-19 pandemic and "survival of the fittest".

Occurrence and recurrence of COVID-19 cases have been observed globally. The complex relationship of host-pathogen and the environment plays a vital role in understanding the widespread recurrence of the SARS-CoV-2 among humans. Though the pathobiology of the disease is not completely understood, it is well established that COVID-19 poses a greater threat to individuals with co-morbidities and a weakened immune system. The article deals with the notion of innate immunity, natural selection, and the survival of the fittest during the COVID-19 outbreak. The article also attempts to introduce the concept of "lifestyle and cultural immunity" that needs to be addressed and incorporated at an early stage of childhood to boost up the human immune system. The communication further discusses the role of vaccination and micro-organisms pre-existing in the environment which are required to enhance the immunity of an individual.
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