Bayesian Learning Aided Sparse Channel Estimation for Orthogonal Time Frequency Space Modulated Systems

A novel sparse channel state information (CSI) estimation scheme is proposed for orthogonal time frequency space (OTFS) modulated systems, in which the pilots are directly transmitted over the time-frequency (TF)-domain grid for estimating the delay-Doppler (DD)-domain CSI. The proposed CSI estimation model leads to a reduction in the pilot overhead as well as the training duration required. Furthermore, it does not require a DD-domain guard interval between the pilot and data symbols, hence increasing the bandwidth efficiency. A novel Bayesian learning (BL) framework is proposed for CSI acquisition, which exploits the DD-domain sparsity for improving the estimation accuracy in comparison to the conventional minimum mean squared error (MMSE)-based scheme. A low-complexity linear MMSE detector is used in the subsequent data detection phase. Our simulation results demonstrate the performance improvement of the proposed BL-based scheme over the conventional MMSE-based scheme as well as over other existing sparse estimation schemes.
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