Arbitrary order of convergence for Riesz fractional derivative via central difference method.

We propose a novel method to compute a finite difference stencil for Riesz derivative for artibitrary speed of convergence. This method is based on applying a pre-filter to the Grunwald-Letnikov type central difference stencil. The filter is obtained by solving for the inverse of a symmetric Vandemonde matrix and exploiting the relationship between the Taylor's series coefficients and fast Fourier transform. The filter costs O\left(N^{2}\right) operations to evaluate for O\left(h^{N}\right) of convergence, where h is the sampling distance. The higher convergence speed should more than offset the overhead with the requirement of the number of nodal points for a desired error tolerance significantly reduced. The benefit of progressive generation of the stencil coefficients for adaptive grid size for dynamic problems with the Grunwald-Letnikov type difference scheme is also kept because of the application of filtering. The higher convergence rate is verified through numerical experiments.
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