A Postmatched-Filtering Image-Domain Subspace Method for Channel Mismatch Estimation of Multiple Azimuth Channels SAR

Multiple azimuth channels (MACs) synthetic aperture radar (SAR) can theoretically achieve high azimuth resolution and wide swath (HRWS). Nevertheless, in practice, channel mismatch will lead to ghost or azimuth ambiguities, which will degrade the imaging quality. This article proposes a novel idea for estimating the channel mismatch of MACs SAR in the image domain. First, we found that the degree of freedom (DOF) of MACs signals doubles after signal reconstruction and imaging. As a result, when the channel number is not great enough, the subspace method for error estimation is unable to be implemented. To deal with this problem, we introduce a DOF compression method based on spectral filtering. This method can decrease the image-domain DOF. Finally, an image-domain subspace method is proposed to estimate the channel phase error, using the focused data and selecting the high SNR region of SAR images. The proposed method has advantages for the channel phase error estimation. Simulated space-borne MACs SAR data and real measured airborne SAR data are processed to demonstrate the effectiveness of the proposed method.
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