Lossless Point Cloud Attribute Compression with Normal-based Intra Prediction

The sparse LiDAR point clouds become more and more popular in various applications, e.g., the autonomous driving. However, for this type of data, there exists much under-explored space in the corresponding compression framework proposed by MPEG, i.e., geometry-based point cloud compression (G-PCC). In G-PCC, only the distance-based similarity is considered in the intra prediction for the attribute compression. In this paper, we propose a normal-based intra prediction scheme, which provides a more efficient lossless attribute compression by introducing the normals of point clouds. The angle between normals is used to further explore accurate local similarity, which optimizes the selection of predictors. We implement our method into the G-PCC reference software. Experimental results over LiDAR acquired datasets demonstrate that our proposed method is able to deliver better compression performance than the G-PCC anchor, with $2.1\%$ gains on average for lossless attribute coding.
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