BAT AGN Spectroscopic Survey. XX. Molecular Gas in Nearby Hard-X-Ray-selected AGN Galaxies

We present the host galaxy molecular gas properties of a sample of 213 nearby (0.01 10^44 erg/s) increases by ~10-100 between a molecular gas mass of 10^8.7 Msun and 10^10.2 Msun. Higher Eddington ratio AGN galaxies tend to have higher molecular gas masses and gas fractions. Higher column density AGN galaxies (Log NH>23.4) are associated with lower depletion timescales and may prefer hosts with more gas centrally concentrated in the bulge that may be more prone to quenching than galaxy wide molecular gas. The significant average link of host galaxy molecular gas supply to SMBH growth may naturally lead to the general correlations found between SMBHs and their host galaxies, such as the correlations between SMBH mass and bulge properties and the redshift evolution of star formation and SMBH growth.
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