First Demonstration of Using Signal Processing Approach to Suppress Signal Ringing in Impulse UWB Through-Wall Radar

Due to the requirements of portability and omni-directivity, the planar bow-tie antenna is widely used in impulse through-wall radar (ITWR). When the planar bow-tie antenna is used to radiate the ultrawide bandwidth (UWB) signal, the ringing phenomenon of the transmitted signal would be serious, which can damage the quality of radar imaging. The previous solutions for this problem are the usage of various hardware loadings; however, those loadings could cause signal energy loss and reduce the signal gain. Alternatively, this letter studies a deconvolution-technique-based signal processing approach to suppress the signal ringing. Because the proposed approach does not require any hardware loadings on the antenna, it can help improve the signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) and significantly reduce the energy loss of signal. The effectivity of this signal processing approach is verified by the radar detecting experiments.
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