The X-rays wind connection in PG 2112+059

We study the connection between the X-ray and UV properties of the broad absorption line (BAL) wind in the highly X-ray variable quasar PG 2112+059 by comparing Chandra-ACIS data with contemporaneous UV HST/STIS spectra in three different epochs. We observe a correlation whereby an increase in the equivalent-widths (EWs) of the BALs is accompanied by a redder UV spectrum. The growth in the BALs EWs is also accompanied by a significant dimming in soft X-ray emission ( 2 keV) are only accompanied by minor spectral variations of the UV-BALs and do not show significant changes in the EW of BALs. These trends suggest a wind-shield scenario where the outflow inclination with respect to the line of sight is decreasing and/or the wind mass is increasing. These changes elevate the covering fraction and/or column densities of the BALs and are likely accompanied by a nearly contemporaneous increase in the column density of the shield.
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