High-resolution spectroscopic follow-up of the most metal-poor candidates from SkyMapper DR1.1

We present chemical abundances for 21 elements (from Li to Eu) in 150 metal-poor Galactic stars spanning $-$4.1 $ $ $-$3.5. Of the 20 objects for which we could measure nitrogen, 11 are nitrogen-enhanced metal-poor stars. Within our sample, the high NEMP fraction (55\% $\pm$ 21\%) is compatible with the upper range of predicted values (between 12\% and 35\%). The chemical abundance ratios [X/Fe] versus [Fe/H] exhibit similar trends to previous studies of metal-poor stars and Galactic chemical evolution models. We report the discovery of nine new r-I stars, four new r-II stars, one of which is the most metal-poor known, nine low-$\alpha$ stars with [$\alpha$/Fe] $\le$ 0.15 as well as one unusual star with [Zn/Fe] = +1.4 and [Sr/Fe] = +1.2 but with normal [Ba/Fe]. Finally, we combine our sample with literature data to provide the most extensive view of the early chemical enrichment of the Milky Way Galaxy.
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