A Retrospective Analysis of Dietary Pattern Changes of Chinese Aircrew from Year of 1963 to 2018

Objective-To study the dietary changes of Chinese flight personnel in the past 60 years, and to provide a basis for formulating reasonable nutritional intervention measures. Methods-The changes of dietary structure of Chinese pilots from 1963 to 2018 were analyzed by retrospective statistical classification and analysis according to each 10-year-period. It involved a total of 10,327 flight personnel, 68 civil aviation personnel, 10,259 military aviation personnel. Results- The average carbohydrate energy intake ratio is 50.21%, decreasing year by year, and the fat is 34.89%, increasing yearly. The intakes of vitamin B1 and vitamin PP decreased while Vitamin B2 increased. Conclusions-The aircrew have been in a high-fat, low-carbohydrate diet for in the past 60 years, and their total energy intake was high. Therefore, attention should be paid to the long-term potential negative effects of these results on flight occupations. Attention should be paid to the intake of vitamin B1 and PP.
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