A Robust Image-Domain Subspace-Based Channel Error Calibration and Post-Imaging Reconstruction Algorithm for Multiple Azimuth Channels SAR

High resolution and wide-swath imaging always suffer channel errors of the multiple azimuth channels (MACs) SAR. This paper presents an image-domain channel error estimation algorithm based on image subspace least square (ISPLS) method, and a post-imaging reconstruction algorithm for MACs SAR. The proposed method mainly consists of three parts: firstly, preprocessing and SAR imaging; secondly, the ISP-LSbased channel error estimation and calibration algorithm; thirdly, post-imaging reconstruction and ambiguity suppression. The channel phase and baseline errors are joint-estimated based on image subspace after SAR imaging, providing advantages that the higher SNR regions SAR images and the subspace method can be used to achieve a more accurate estimate with a relatively low computational load. We also propose a post-imaging reconstruction method for ambiguity suppression, which can realize imaging each channel data and then combining the multichannel SAR images. Simulated and acquired airborne SAR data are processed to demonstrate the effectiveness of the proposed method.
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