Guided Generative Adversarial Neural Network for Representation Learning and Audio Generation Using Fewer Labelled Audio Data

The Generation power of Generative Adversarial Neural Networks (GANs) has shown great promise to learn representations from unlabelled data while guided by a small amount of labelled data. We aim to utilise the generation power of GANs to learn Audio Representations. Most existing studies are, however, focused on images. Some studies use GANs for speech generation, but they are conditioned on text or acoustic features, limiting their use for other audio, such as instruments, and even for speech where transcripts are limited. This paper proposes a novel GAN-based model that we named Guided Generative Adversarial Neural Network (GGAN), which can learn powerful representations and generate good-quality samples using a small amount of labelled data as guidance. Experimental results based on a speech [Speech Command Dataset (S09)] and a non-speech [Musical Instrument Sound dataset (Nsyth)] dataset demonstrate that using only 5% of labelled data as guidance, GGAN learns significantly better representations than the state-of-the-art models.
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