Portable Smart-Space Research Interface to Predetermine Environment Acoustics for Cochlear implant and Hearing aid users with CCi-MOBILE

Internet of things (IoT) in healthcare, has effi-ciently accelerated medical monitoring and assessment through the real-time analysis of collected data. Hence, to support the hearing-impaired community with better calibrations to their clinical processors and hearing aids, a portable smart space interface - AURIS has been developed by the Cochlear Implant Processing Lab (CILab) at UT-Dallas. The proposed Auris interface periodically samples the acoustic space, and through a learn vs test phase, builds a Gaussian mixture model for each specific environmental locations. An effective connection is established by the Auris interface with the CRSS CCi-Mobile research platform through an android app to fine tune the con-figuration settings for cochlear implant (CI) or hearing aid (HA) users entering the room/location. Baseline objective evaluations have been performed in diverse naturalistic locations using 12 hours of audio data. The performance metrics is determined by a verified wireless communication, along with estimated acoustic environment knowledge and room classification at greater than 90% accuracy.
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