A dual ranking algorithm based on the multiplex network for heterogeneous complex disease analysis.

Identifying biomarkers of heterogeneous complex diseases has always been one of the focuses in medical research. In previous studies, the powerful network propagation methods have been applied to finding marker genes related to specific diseases, but existing methods are mostly based on a single network, which may be greatly affected by the incompleteness of the network and the ignorance of a large amount of information about physical and functional interactions between biological components. Other methods that directly integrate multiple types of interactions into an aggregate network have the risks that different types of data may conflict with each other and the characteristics and topologies of each individual network are lost. Meanwhile, biomarkers used in clinical trials should have the characteristics of small quantity and strong discriminate ability. In this study, we developed a multiplex network-based dual ranking framework (DualRank) for heterogeneous complex disease analysis. We applied the proposed method to heterogeneous complex diseases for diagnosis, prognosis, and classification. The results showed that DualRank outperformed competing methods and could identify biomarkers with the small quantity, great prediction performance (average AUC=0.818) and biological interpretability.
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