Development of solid oxide fuel cell and battery hybrid power generation system

Abstract Solid oxide fuel cell hybrid generation system is the best scheme for the load tracking of off-grid monitoring stations. But there are still potential problems that need to be addressed: preventing fuel starvation and ensuring thermal safety while meeting load tracking in hybrid power generation system. In order to solve these problems, a feasible hybrid power generation system structure scheme is proposed which combined SOFC subsystem and Li-ion battery subsystem. Then a model of the hybrid power generation system is built based on the proposed system structure. On this basis, an adaptive controller, include the adaptive energy management algorithm and current feedforward gas supply strategy, is applied to manage the power-sharing in this hybrid system as well as keep the system operating within the safety constraints. The constraints, including maintaining the bus voltage at the desired level, keeping SOFC operating temperature in safety, and mitigating fuel starvation are explicitly considered. The stability of the proposed energy management algorithm is analyzed. Finally, the developed control algorithm is applied to the hybrid power generation system model, the operation result proves the feasibility of the designed controller strategy for hybrid generation system and effectively prevent fuel starvation and ensure thermal safety.
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