Summarizing Long-Form Document with Rich Discourse Information

The development of existing extractive summarization models for long-form document summarization is hindered by two factors: 1) the computation of the summarization model will dramatically increase due to the sheer size of the input long document; 2) the discourse structural information in the long-form document has not been fully exploited. To address the two deficiencies, we propose HEROES, a novel extractive summarization model for summarizing long-form documents with rich discourse structural information. In particular, the HEROES model consists of two modules: 1) a content ranking module that ranks and selects salient sections and sentences to compose a short digest that empowers complex summarization models and serves as its input; 2) an extractive summarization module based on a heterogeneous graph with nodes from different discourse levels and elaborately designed edge connections to reflect the discourse hierarchy of the document and restrain the semantic drifts across section boundaries. Experimental results on benchmark datasets show that HEROES can achieve significantly better performance compared with various strong baselines.
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