Comparing the similarity of sharpness predictions based on specific loudness from ANSI S3.4-2007 with those according to DIN 45692:2009 for several real-world sound classes

A previous paper [Swift and Gee, Proc. Mtgs. Acoust., p. 030001, 2017] showed methods for transforming the standardized form of sharpness to accept inputs from the ANSI S3.4-2007 loudness standard. A further recent publication [Swift and Gee, JASA-EL, 2017] showed additional validation results comparing the results of the simplest version of the transformed metric for a set of 40 real-world sounds. In this paper, three versions of the ANSI-based sharpness metric are analyzed, in order to determine which of the three implementations gives the most similar results to the original DIN 45692:2009 standard. Finally, classes of sounds are identified for which predictions between the three ANSI-based sharpness metrics and DIN 45692:2009 may differ to a greater or lesser extent.
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