Trisomy 1q Generating Translocations in Wilms Tumor

Abstract Unbalanced translocations generating trisomy of 1q are common in Wilms tumor (WT). We present eight unbalanced 1q translocations from seven tumors and a review of the literature. An unbalanced translocation that results in a der(16)t(1q;16q) chromosome represents more than half of the published +1q generating translocations in WT. This translocation is also common to many other tumor types. Four of the tumors presented here contained this chromosome and, in two cases, it was the primary acquired cytogenetic abnormality within the tumor. The other four translocations involved 9q31, 9q34, 17p1?, and 21p11 as the partner to 1q. The chromosome 17 and 21 translocations occurred within the same tumor as apparently independent events. In contrast with the 16q translocations, these other translocations were secondary cytogenetic events, thereby indicating a role in tumor progression rather than initiation. Probes mapping to 1q12 and 1q21 were employed for fluorescence in situ hybridization and it was demonstrated that different 1q breakpoints are possible. In this series, the majority of breakpoints either mapped to 1q12 or were centromeric to this region.
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