An Autonomous Materialized View Management System with Deep Reinforcement Learning

Materialized views (MVs) can significantly optimize the query processing in databases. However, it is hard to generate MVs for ordinary users because it relies on background knowledge, and existing methods rely on DBAs to generate and maintain MVs. However, DBAs cannot handle large-scale databases, especially cloud databases that have millions of database instances and support millions of users. Thus it calls for an autonomous MV management system. In this paper, we propose an autonomous materialized view management system, AutoView. It analyzes query workloads, estimates the costs and benefits of materializing queries as views, and selects MVs to maximize the benefit within a space budget. We propose a deep reinforcement learning model to select high-quality MVs, which enriches the state representation with query and MVs’ embedding. Experimental results show that our method outperforms existing studies in terms of MV selection quality.
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