Origo Steering Wheel: Improving Tactile Feedback for Steering Wheel IVIS Interaction using Embedded Haptic Wave Guides and Constructive Wave Interference

Automotive industry is evolving through “Electrification”, “Autonomous Driving Systems”, and “Ride Sharing”, and all three vectors of change are taking place in the same timeframe. One of the key challenges during this transition will be to present critical information collected through additional onboard systems, to the driver and passengers, enhancing multimodal in-vehicle interaction. In this research authors suggest creating embedded tactile-feedback zones on the steering wheel itself, which can be used to relay haptic signals to the driver with little to no visual demand. Using “Haptic Mediation” techniques such as 3D-printed Embedded Haptic Waveguides (EHWs) and Constructive Wave Interference (CWI), the authors were able to provide reliable tactile feedback in normal driving environments. Signal analysis shows that EHWs and CWI can reduce haptic signal distortion and attenuation in noisy environments and during user testing, this technique yielded better driving performance and required lower cognitive load while completing common IVIS tasks.
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