Interlayer Restoration Deep Neural Network for Scalable High Efficiency Video Coding

This paper applies an interlayer restoration deep neural network (IRDNN) for scalable high efficiency video coding (SHVC) to improve visual quality and coding efficiency. It is the first time to combine deep neural network (DNN) and SHVC. Considering the coding architecture of SHVC, we elaborate a multi-frame and multi-layer neural network to restore the interlayer of SHVC by utilizing both the adjacent reconstructed frames of the base layer (BL) and enhancement layer (EL). Moreover, we analyze the temporal motion relationship of frames in one layer and the compression degradation relationship of frames between different layers, and propose the synergistic mechanism of motion restoration and compression restoration in our IRDNN. The network can generate an interlayer with higher quality serving for the EL coding and thus enhance the coding efficiency. A large-scale and various-quality-degradation dataset is self-made for the task of interlayer restoration of SHVC. The experimental results show that with our implementation on SHVC, the EL Bjϕntegaard delta bit-rate (BD-BR) reduction is 9.291% and 6.007% in signal-to-noise ratio scalability and spatial scalability, respectively. The code is available at.
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