Broadband Surface Waves Coupler with Low Infrared Emission and Microwave Reflection

Metasurfaces possess excellent capabilities to flexibly manipulate electromagnetic waves in multiple frequency domains, which show great potential application in multispectral stealth. Herein, a broadband surface waves coupler based on the design of thin Pancharatnam–Berry (PB) phase gradient metasurfaces (PGMs) of thickness 0.12λ0 is proposed to reduce infrared emission and microwave reflection simultaneously. Low infrared emission results from the high filling ratio of the indium-tin-oxide (ITO) on the surface, and low microwave reflection results from the conversion from propagating waves to surface waves. Intriguingly, this design is also capable of acting as a simple circular polarized (CP) discriminator because orthogonal CP waves are coupled into surface waves propagating along opposite directions. A proof-of-concept prototype is simulated and measured to validate the effectiveness of our methodology. The results indicate that the broadband surface waves coupler shows low infrared emissivity less than 0.28 from 3 to 14 µm and has microwave reflection reduction larger than 10 dB in 7.3-9.5 GHz. The exceptional performances of the proposed broadband surface waves coupler make us believe that our design offers an alternative strategy for multispectral stealth and multifunctional application.
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