Synchronous Multi-Bit Audio Watermarking Based on Phase Shifting

Audio watermarking has been developed to protect the copyright of audio signals. We considered the use of the distribution of the phase spectrum and propose an effective multi-bit audio watermarking method based on phase shifting. The proposed method is implemented on the basis of a frame-wise framework. The phase spectrum of each frame is first calculated, then, in accordance with the embedded bit number of each frame, the phase bins are segmented into several subsets. An artificial phase pattern is constructed in one of these subsets to carry a specific multi-bit watermark. In the water-mark extraction process, each frame is synchronized by identifying the phase pattern, then watermarks are extracted. We investigate the performance of the proposed method, and the results indicated that the proposed method balances the trade-off of inaudibility and robustness. From comparative evaluations, the proposed method also performed better than several other audio watermarking methods.
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