PPR10K: A Large-Scale Portrait Photo Retouching Dataset with Human-Region Mask and Group-Level Consistency

Different from general photo retouching tasks, portrait photo retouching (PPR), which aims to enhance the visual quality of a collection of flat-looking portrait photos, has its special and practical requirements such as human-region priority (HRP) and group-level consistency (GLC). HRP requires that more attention should be paid to human regions, while GLC requires that a group of portrait photos should be retouched to a consistent tone. Models trained on existing general photo retouching datasets, however, can hardly meet these requirements of PPR. To facilitate the research on this high-frequency task, we construct a largescale PPR dataset, namely PPR10K, which is the first of its kind to our best knowledge. PPR10K contains 1, 681 groups and 11, 161 high-quality raw portrait photos in total. High-resolution segmentation masks of human regions are provided. Each raw photo is retouched by three experts, while they elaborately adjust each group of photos to have consistent tones. We define a set of objective measures to evaluate the performance of PPR and propose strategies to learn PPR models with good HRP and GLC performance. The constructed PPR10K dataset provides a good bench-mark for studying automatic PPR methods, and experiments demonstrate that the proposed learning strategies are effective to improve the retouching performance. Datasets and codes are available: https://github.com/csjliang/PPR10K.
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