Seek'N'Share: a platform for location-based collaborative mobile learning

We present a location-based collaborative mobile learning platform called Seek'N'Share. It is comprised of a Web-based learning assignment editor and a mobile application for exploring and capturing multimedia content in the field. The editor enables drag-and-drop creation of learning tasks, areas and points of interest using an intuitive Web interface. Assignments are accessed with an Android application that uses location information to provide content and tasks to learners as they explore the environment. The mobile application enables the learners to record audio, video and take pictures of their environments. This supports the overall goal of putting together a presentation as the outcome of the learning activity by combining predefined, contextual information with user-generated content. The platform is currently piloted with local schools. Its novelty lies in its flexible support for creating location-based learning activities for unconstrained environments, and the possibility for the learners to collaboratively document their learning outcomes in situ.
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