Hetero-structural mass transfer channel boosts electrocatalytic oxygen reactions of metallic catalyst

Abstract Large-scale application of zinc air batteries (ZABs) is impeded by the lack of efficient and cost-effective bifunctional oxygen catalysts. In this work, hetero-porous is rationally engineered for the carbon encapsulated CoFe catalyst, which is highly active toward both oxygen evolution reaction (OER) and oxygen evolution reaction (ORR). The hs-CoFe catalyst with “plate reactor” structure is facilely synthesized by combining the selective etching and reduced graphene oxide supporting to construct pores with size of 10–100 nm and 100–1000 nm, respectively, for smooth mass transfer. OER/ORR activities are significantly boosted, and difference between the potential to deliver 10 mA/cm2 OER and half wave potential of ORR is therefore lowered to 0.608 V while this potential difference of Pt/C-IrO2 is 0.732 V. The corresponding ZAB exhibits a maximum power density of 232 mW/cm2, which sheds light on providing a novel strategy for oxygen reaction catalyst designation.
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